How to Use Norwex Window Cloths for Best Results

When it comes to cleaning, finding eco-friendly and effective solutions is the need of the hour. Norwex window cloths are an unparalleled cleaning companion for homeowners and professionals alike. They promise a streak-free, chemical-free shine, but the secret to maximizing their potential is understanding how to use them correctly.


Preparing for the Perfect Clean: How Should You Start?

The success of any cleaning endeavor lies in meticulous preparation. Just as a chef gathers all the necessary ingredients before starting a dish or a painter preps a canvas before the first brush stroke, initiating the cleaning process requires a deliberate and organized approach. 


What Pre-cleaning Steps Are Vital Before Using Your Norwex Window Cloth?

Before using your Norwex Window Cloth, a few pre-cleaning steps are crucial to ensure optimal results:

  • Assessment: Start by examining the window or surface. Identify areas with the most grime or any stubborn spots needing special attention.
  • Declutter: If you’re cleaning windows with fixtures, shades, or blinds, ensure they’re out of the way to provide full access to the windowpane.
  • Dusting: Remove loose dirt or dust from the surface. This ensures that the window cloth isn’t immediately soiled upon use.
  • Pre-cleaning with Norwex EnviroCloth: For windows or characters with a higher degree of dirt or grime, it’s advisable to use the Norwex EnviroCloth first. This cloth is designed to pick up more significant dirt particles and prep the surface for the final shine with the window cloth.
  • Dampen the Cloth: The Norwex window cloth performs best when slightly damp. Either sprinkle some water or use a spray bottle for moisture distribution.


Does the Window Cleaning Solution Play a Role in the Cloth’s Effectiveness?

The window cleaning solution can significantly impact the cloth’s effectiveness. A proper solution can aid the fabric in breaking down stubborn grime, stains, or residues, making the cleaning process smoother and more efficient. 

Conversely, a harsh or unsuitable cleaner might leave residues, streaks, or even damage the delicate microfibers of specialized cloths like the Norwex window cloth. The solution’s pH balance, chemical composition, and suitability for the particular window type (e.g., tinted, UV-protected) should be considered.

However, the beauty of high-quality microfiber cloths, such as the Norwex window cloth, is their ability to perform optimally with just water, reducing the need for chemicals. Still, if one opts to use a solution, choosing one that complements the cloth’s design and purpose is essential, ensuring longevity and effectiveness.


How Does Norwex Ensure a Streak-Free Shine Every Time?

Norwex stands out in the cleaning realm primarily due to its meticulous design and technology geared towards a streak-free shine. Here’s how:

High-Quality Microfiber: Norwex cloths are made of superior microfibers, much finer than conventional ones. These ultra-fine fibers reach even the minutest crevices and lift dirt, grime, and oils that often cause streaks.

Dense Fiber Construction: The density of the fibers in the cloth ensures a larger surface area for cleaning, enabling it to trap and retain more dirt and moisture, leaving surfaces drier and devoid of streak-causing residues.

BacLock Technology: Embedded with silver, Norwex cloths have an antibacterial property. This ensures that the fabric reduces bacterial odor, mold, and mildew growth in the material itself, preventing any potential streaks or marks caused by bacterial residue.

Chemical-Free Cleaning: Norwex promotes using just water with its cloths. This eliminates the chances of chemical residues, which can result in streaks.

Proper Usage Techniques: Norwex also emphasizes the correct technique of using the cloth – starting from a dampened state for cleaning and finishing with a dry cloth for polishing, ensuring a pristine, streak-free finish.


Are There Specific Motions That Enhance the Cloth’s Performance?

Yes, there are specific motions that can enhance the performance of cleaning cloths, especially high-quality microfiber ones like Norwex:

Circular Motions: When cleaning windows, mirrors, or glass surfaces, using a circular motion can help in evenly distributing the pressure and effectively lifting dirt and grime. This motion often reduces the chance of streaks and ensures a consistent shine.

S-Shaped Pattern: An “S” or “Z” pattern is recommended for larger surfaces, like sliding doors or broad windows. This ensures the cloth covers a wide area without redistributing dirt or grime onto the cleaned surface.

Oerlapping Strokes: When cleaning, it’s beneficial to overlap your strokes slightly. This ensures no portion of the surface is missed and helps remove dirt more effectively.

Fold and Wipe: Instead of bunching up the cloth in one’s hand, it’s better to fold it. This provides multiple clean surfaces to work with and ensures even pressure, enhancing dirt pickup and moisture absorption.

Edge-to-Edge: For surfaces prone to collecting dust at the edges, like screens or framed glass, wiping from one edge to the other ensures that dust and grime aren’t pushed to the corners but are effectively lifted off.

Maintaining Your Norwex Window Cloth: Do’s and Don’ts?

Ensuring your Norwex Window Cloth functions optimally entails proper care and understanding of its maintenance needs. Here’s an in-depth guide on the do’s and don’ts:



Regular Washing for Light Dirt: Slightly dirty microfiber can be cleaned using Norwex Dishwashing Liquid under warm running water. After washing, make sure to rinse thoroughly. You can either let it air dry or opt for machine drying.

Use Norwex Laundry Detergent for Heavily Soiled Cloths: If your cloth has seen extensive use, launder it using Norwex laundry detergent, which is devoid of fillers. This ensures a thorough cleaning after each intensive use.

Pre-treat Tough Stains: Stains proving hard to remove? Pre-treat with Stain Remover or employ Microfiber Cleaner Laundry Booster.

Air Dry or Machine Dry: After a thorough rinse, either air dry the cloth or use a machine, ensuring it’s scorched before storage.

Remove Dirt from Dry Mop Pads and Other Tools: Between launderings, make use of the Rubber Brush to extract dirt from dry Mop Pads, Entry Mat, and the EnviroWand®.

Test Before Using on Delicate Surfaces: For surfaces like brushed stainless steel that are prone to scratches, it’s wise to test the Norwex Microfiber on a hidden spot first.



Avoid Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets: These products coat the microfibers, diminishing their cleaning capabilities.

No Bleach: Using bleach can harm the cloth’s microfibers, affecting its longevity and efficacy.

Steer Clear of Boiling Water: While hot water can be used, avoid boiling water when cleaning the cloth. Instead, follow the specific care instructions for washing in hot water.

Separate Dark Colors During Laundry: Launder dark-colored cloths separately to prevent color bleed.

Avoid Use on Certain Anti-Glare Surfaces: It’s recommended not to use microfiber on anti-glare surfaces, except for Norwex Optic Scarf and Tech Cleaning Cloth.


Can You Use Norwex Window Cloths on Other Surfaces?

Certainly! Norwex Window Cloths are known for their versatility and are not limited to just windows. Their unique design allows for effective cleaning across a range of surfaces. Here’s a look at some other areas where you can use them:

Mirrors: Achieve a streak-free shine on your bathroom or vanity mirrors. The cloth efficiently removes spots and fingerprints, leaving mirrors gleaming.

Glass Tables: Whether it’s a coffee table or dining table with a glass top, the Norwex Window Cloth can wipe away smudges, dust, and spills effortlessly.

Stainless Steel Appliances: The cloth is adept at cleaning and polishing stainless steel surfaces, ensuring they remain free of streaks and fingerprints.

Glass Cabinet Doors: Easily remove dust and finger marks from glass-paneled cabinets in your kitchen or living room.

Glass Shower Doors: The Norwex Window Cloth can effectively remove soap scum and water spots from glass shower doors, restoring clarity.

Car Windows and Windshields: Achieve a clear, streak-free view using the cloth on your vehicle’s windows and windshields.

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses: Gently clean and polish the lenses of your eyewear for a smudge-free vision.


Are There Surfaces You Should Avoid Using the Norwex Window Cloth On?

Absolutely. While the Norwex Window Cloth is designed for versatility and can be used on many surfaces, specific materials and finishes may not be suitable for cleaning with microfiber. Here are some surfaces you might exercise caution with or avoid using the Norwex Window Cloth on:


Unsealed Wood: Microfiber cloths can sometimes retain a significant amount of moisture, which can damage or stain unsealed or untreated wooden surfaces.

Specific Antique Finishes: Some antiques have unique finishes that can be delicate and 

susceptible to scratching. Always test on an inconspicuous spot first, or avoid it entirely.

Highly Textured Surfaces: Extremely rough or textured surfaces can cause undue wear and tear or snag the microfibers. It’s best to use cloths designed explicitly for such textures.

Some Anti-Glare Surfaces: While Norwex products like the Optic Scarf and Tech Cleaning Cloth are designed for such surfaces, the Window Cloth may not be suitable for all anti-glare screens and coatings.

Soft Plastic or Vinyl: Some softer plastics or vinyl surfaces might react with microfiber, leading to smears or potential damage.

Surfaces with Residue: If a character has a sticky or thick residue, cleaning it with a more suitable method might be better before polishing or finishing with the Norwex Window Cloth.

Hot Surfaces: Using the cloth on surfaces that are too hot might damage the microfibers or reduce the cloth’s effectiveness.

When in doubt, it’s always safe to consult the manufacturer’s care instructions for the specific surface or finish. A spot test on a hidden area can also provide insights into how the cloth interacts with the particular character. The overarching principle is to ensure the longevity of your Norwex Window Cloth and the safety of the surfaces you’re cleaning.


How Cost-Effective is Switching from Paper Towels to Norwex Window Cloth in the Long Run?

How Cost-Effective is Switching from Paper Towels to Norwex Window Cloth in the Long Run?

Making an eco-friendly choice often aligns with financial savings in the long term. Let’s break down the costs of using paper towels versus investing in a Norwex Window Cloth.


1. Average Cost of Paper Towels:

Per Roll: On average, a roll of a well-known brand of paper towels costs about $2.

Usage: Let’s assume a household goes through about three rolls of paper towels a week. This might vary based on cleaning habits and family size.

Yearly Cost: 3 rolls/week x 52 weeks x $2/roll = $312/year


2. Cost of Norwex Window Cloth:

Initial Purchase: The Norwex Window Cloth typically costs around $20, but it’s a one-time purchase that can last several years if maintained properly.

Maintenance Costs: Let’s factor in the cost of the Norwex laundry detergent for proper maintenance. Assuming you use a $15 bottle of Norwex detergent over a year, specifically for the cloth.

Yearly Cost: Initial year = $20 (cloth) + $15 (detergent) = $35

  • Subsequent years = $15 (detergent)
  • Cost Analysis Over five years:

Paper Towels: 5 years x $312/year = $1,560

Norwex Window Cloth: First year = $35 + Subsequent 4 years (4 x $15) = $95

Over five years, the difference is a staggering $1,465 in savings when opting for the Norwex Window Cloth over paper towels. This doesn’t even account for the environmental benefits of reducing paper waste.

The numbers speak for themselves. The Norwex Window Cloth is an environmentally responsible choice and offers substantial long-term savings, making it an innovative and cost-effective alternative to disposable paper towels.

Ready for Crystal Clear Results?

Transform your cleaning routine and elevate your windows, mirrors, and more clarity. Say goodbye to wasteful paper towels and embrace the sustainable, adequate cleaning power of the Norwex Window Cloth.

Not only will you experience spotless, streak-free surfaces, but you’ll also make a wise financial and environmental choice. Dive into the world of efficient cleaning with Green Home and Office and see the clear difference for yourself. Don’t wait! Make the switch today and let the sparkling results speak for themselves.